«He is the most disconcerting man I have ever met. His powers are so big that can even go beyond other people's faculty of being wondered». Federico Fellini, italian movie director, five oscar prizes' winner

«Gustavo Rol is a man God has sent among us to make us better». Franco Zeffirelli, italian movie director

«To the unbelievable Rol, who will be believed only the day after tomorrow». (dedication) Jean Cocteau, french writer, painter and filmmaker

«He is one of the persons to whom I address a prayer when I'm in difficulties». Vittorio Messori, italian journalist and writer

«Rol escapes our possibility of comprehension. He is a mistery». Cesare Romiti, FIAT's former managing director

«That man can read a mind and we cannot risk strangers to know French State secrets». Charles De Gaulle (talking with a minister), former French President

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